Romans 14:11 As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me;every tongue will acknowledge God.

Ignore no more the Gospel of Jesus Christ……..WWW.TELLTHELORDTHANKYOU.COM

God bless.


About Minister Aiken

Minister of the Gospel Of Jesus Christ
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2 Responses to ROMANS 14:11 IGNORE NO MORE

  1. Wilhelmina Lewis says:

    I am so BLESS to find your website and I am going to be on it at all time. It was a answer to my cry last at 2:00 o’clock when I found it. I was looking for a scripture to say what I remember God told Mae long time ago. And I found it in your website, but I didn’t know until this morning. I was saying “Thank You God, Thank You Lord” for helping me find the scripture just as I remember God giving it to me about 30 years ago, so I went back to it to study the scripture and that’s when I found your website and all I can say is Thank You Lord!
    Wilhelmina from Alabama

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